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Ileya Stewart


Tile, Mosaics & Ceramic Creations

B I O   T I M E L I N E

Born 1957 Born east of San Francisco, 50 miles up river from the Golden Gate. Raised in a rural environment. Fished and sailed the river delta, explored the land intensely from the back of my horse.
1969-75 Painted in acrylics and watercolors
1975-76 Learned to throw clay forms
1976-78 Explored oil painting and figure drawing.
1980 Traveled throughout Mexico and the Yucatan. First introduction to its Archaeological Ruins.
1978-80 Studies included geology, traveled extensively the desert regions of eastern California, traveled the Pacific Northwest and Western Canada. Traveled to Arizona and New Mexico to study the Anasazi and Hopi culture. Pottery and dwellings impressive.
1980-83 Completed an undergraduate degree in Fine Art. Studied metal and wood sculpture, papermaking, printmaking, media and slide projection, electronic music, and oil painting. Many trips to the desert in search of sites, dwellings and petroglyphs.
1984-86 Studied at Mills College, Oakland, Ca. Completed a Master of Fine Arts degree in Painting. Also pursued interests in printmaking, and metal sculpture.
1987 Participated in a group show at Ariel Gallery, New York.
1988 Traveled to New York and Washington D.C.
1989 Traveled to New Mexico, saw and participated in the Hopi Dances.
1987-90 Studied Afro Cuban drumming.
1986-90 Worked independently on sailboats in the San Francisco Bay area. Studied with Teri Sendgraff, trapeze dance and art.
1989-90 Performed at the Herbst Theatre, San Francisco, with Terri Sendgraff "Night Flight". Slide imagery and set design.
1990-92 Moved from San Francisco to Mendocino County, lived in a teepee, built an octagonal house and studio. Immersed in nature, began photographing nature and flowers. Gardening and growing food and flowers.
1992-93 Began painting on pottery with under glazes.
1993 Traveled to Mexico and the Yucatan
1993 Became partner in a business creating hand painted functional pottery.
1994 Traveled to Hawaii for the first time.
1995 Traveled to India, Nepal, and Thailand.
1996 Traveled to France and Italy.
1996 Bought an historical building in Willits, California. The 10,000 sq. ft. warehouse was built as a bottling plant in 1925 and included the town dance hall.
1997 Moved the production studio into the newly renovated building. Began selling nationwide.
1997 Traveled to the tropics every year til 2000.
2001 Created a new business of hand painted ceramics.
2002 Travelled to Paris and Venice

Continues to remodel 10,000 sq. ft. warehouse into art/live-in workspace and commercial rentals.

2005 Takes workshops with architectural ceramicist Peter King and meets tile mosaic artist, Donna Billick. Takes workshop with her at the Mendocino Art Center, California. Also takes hand-building workshop from William Shinn.
2006 Completes the last of her show circuit. Designs and installs several tile mural commissions.
2007 Installs outdoor kiln for future high-fire outdoor installations. Completes several interior tile mural installations at warehouse site. Dance and performance art studio opens next door to new ceramic design studio.

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